How to Find a Sturdy Aircraft Step Stool

Get rid of the flimsy step stool you bought to help passengers get on your aircraft. How do you determine if the step stool you bought will be heavy duty enough for even the biggest passenger getting on or off your airplane? Large passengers are always grateful when they feel secure stepping off your aircraft. Giving them a super heavy duty step stool will make them safe. They have enough to worry about these days while traveling.

First, don’t go to Wal-Mart, Target or Home depot to buy a step stool. The step stools they sell are just plain cheap and won’t hold a lot of weight.

Aircraft Mechanic Step Stool

These step stools found in Department stores and Home Depot are just plain cheap and won’t hold a lot of weight.

Very important: Next thing to do is look for a load rating on the step stool of 500 pounds. If the step stool you are looking at doesn’t have a load rating permanently attached to itself, it won’t hold a lot of weight. Period.

500 lbs load rating of Shurestep Step Stool

Important feature you shoud look for a Safe Step Stool is a 500 lbs load rating.

Don’t waste your time looking at step stools that have legs… Step stools that have legs cannot hold a lot of weight! Legs are dangerous because they will become bent, loose or make the step wobbly. Folding legs on a step stool are the first part to wear out. Legs will make the step stool unsafe for passenger use.

Legs in a Step Stool is Never Safe

Legs is a NO NO! Sure you don't want this to happen to you with your Step Stool.

The other problem with legs on a step stool is that the bottom of the legs are used for the non-slip pads (if the step even has non-slip pads). The step stool usually has a rubber cap covering the tip of its metal legs, when the rubber wears through; the metal leg now slides on slick or wet surfaces.

Worn out Rubber Pads in a Step Stool with Legs

A tiny rubber pads at the sole of a step stool with legs are easily worn out like this. Making it unsafe for people using it.

Look for a step stool with a solid design using a perimeter edge for the step stool to set on. Make sure the perimeter walls that support the step are at an angle, putting the weight of the person stepping on it, over the center of the step. This type of design also keeps the step stool from tipping over.

Senior Step Stool for Aircraft

This Shurestep Senior Step has wide perimeter walls and the base is flat when place on the ground preventing the person from tipping over even stepping at the edge.

Do a Google search for safe step stool, aircraft step stool or heavy duty step stool to get a better idea of the best heavy duty step stools for aircraft passenger use.

David C. DuPont had invented the safest Shurestep step stool not for his own gratification but specifically to help people prevent unwanted accident like he had before while using unsafe crate to stand on. That incident pushed David to create a more stable, sturdy and safest step stool anyone could use. Together with this excellent invention, David offers a unique and great guarantee that no one could just ignore.

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Dirk August 29, 2012 at 1:03 am

I’ve broken two of these now, each liastng about 7 to 8 years. The weak point is if you stand on it on even a slighly uneven surface (like one wheel on a kitchen rug and the other two wheels on the tile floor), the stem on the wheel caster will snap off and break. Because it is plastic and weight bearing, the caster wheel stem cannot be repaired. I’ve searched for a replacement caster, but it seems difficult to find an exact match. The step stool works ok with just two wheels, but doesn’t roll as nicely, and I think it won’t be long before another wheel snaps and breaks. I’m thinking of buying the all steel rolling kick stool. This model is almost all plastic material.


admin August 31, 2012 at 12:21 am

The rolling part of the step you want to buy makes it a bit unsafe. It is true that the Shure-Step is all plastic and that it does not have rollers, but most people that use the Shure-Step report that it’s light weight allows the user to easily push it out of the way with their foot. Then, when you stand on it the 6 rubber pads really lock it in place. Any step only lasting 7 or 8 years in your kitchen tells me it wasn’t constructed very well. We have commercial clients using the exact same Shure-Steps they bought 12 years ago. Now that’s tough!!


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